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Increases cortex activity

An engaging story activates many brain areas:
the medial prefrontal cortex, which plays a role in decision making and memory recall;
the inferior parietal lobe, which plays an important role in understanding emotions and interpreting sensory data;
and hippocampal formation, where long term memories are processed. (Beres, D., 2017)


Activates mirroring

Learners not only experience similar brain activity to each other but also the character of the story because we don’t just listen to stories, we see images and feel emotions. We actually experience the story as if it’s happening to us. (Stevenson, D., 2016)


Releases dopamine

The brain releases dopamine into the system when it experiences an emotionally-charged event. And dopamine aids memory and information processing, you could say it creates a Post-it Note that reads, "Remember this". (Medina, J., 2008)

Traditional Project Management
Animated series of 27 videos.

This series covers the basic Project Management principles, methods and tools (based on the PMBoK) showing day-to-day situations in the life of a junior project manager

※ Can be accessed as an online course with additional quizzes (in English)

※ Can be easily integrated as a complementary material in trainings (videos in English & German)
Innovative Product Development
with Agile Approaches

Animated series of 18 videos.

This is a story of a project manager who was challenged to lead the creation of an innovative product that had both software and hardware development.

Covers topics such as Agile Mindset, Design Thinking, Scrum, and Kanban.

※ Can be accessed as an online course with additional learning material (in English)

※ Can be easily integrated as a complementary material in trainings (videos in English and German)

“With ‘The Junior PM’ content, my classes became more dynamic. I can now offer greater flexibility for my students because they watch the videos in their own time before coming to my lectures. Therefore, in the lectures, I can elaborate on the topics to a more complex level.”

Prof. A.Dechange (FH Dortmund, Germany)

“Short, but very useful course. A good start for PMP. I’m looking forward to other courses!”

Mario Urdaneta (Individual learner, Australia)

“After a long search, we found a perfect course for our organization. I felt that utilizing a story was an excellent way to illustrate the concepts and make project management more accessible.”

Molly Simasko (Ahtna inc., United States)

“‘The Junior PM’ course is an excellent, concise way to learn Project Management. A must if you are studying for PMP certification. I was able to visualize some of the concepts and actions.”

Charles-Lee Howard (Individual learner, United States)

“‘The Junior PM’ provides aspiring professionals with a platform that has an innovative approach to learning project management — through a combination of storytelling and blended media.”

Jose Maria Delos Santos (, United States)