bring higher education to the digital world

help institutions innovate

bring education closer to work reality

support education to be always inspiring and motivating

provide high quality content, developed by media professionals

provide any student of any institution, access to great content

make the learning process more effective and efficient

raise kwowledge retention levels and students' ability to apply what they learned

What we do, and our motivation

Learning and teaching are definitely very challenging.

We want to improve the effectiveness of learning through media.


As we live in the era of media, why don’t we use it more?

blendlee makes great media available for trainers and educators.

We develop story-based multimedia learning content and put it available in our online platform.


We help educators turn unmotivated learners into highly skilled professionals.

blendlee creates stories that make information easy to understand and to remember.


To create a complete experience, we put together many different medias, for example:


   ◊  Scenario videos with characters

   ◊  Simulations

   ◊  Virtual Reality


Just imagine how classes are when students receive all these supporting elements! 


We combine technology, human interaction, and a lot of creativity to develop innovative solutions in competence development.

Our Team

We are a team of creative innovators who are combining different skills and passions to revolutionize the way people learn.


Our team is composed of:

◊   script writers

◊   storytellers

◊   animators

◊   software developers

◊   virtual reality developers

◊   project managers


To scale production and ensure premium quality blendlee works together with professional media companies.


blendlee believes in the integration of people.


Integration is key for effective learning and motivation.


We believe so much in it, that blendlee creates multimedia learning material solely for blended courses, which combine online elements and face-to-face sessions.


Our material prepares learners for classes and workshops, so that when people are together, they are truly together, they integrate, they interact.


And for students to be active and interact, they need to arrive to classes not only motivated, but also with the basic information in mind.


Avoiding learning wastes: blendlee works to avoid that the time spend in classes and workshops would be used mainly for ‘listening’, instead for practicing.


Active classes: by optimizing time, classes can be filled with hands-on, collaborative and engaging activities, such as discussions, case-studies, problem-solving, role-plays, and simulations.

A blendlee’s learning experience, is an experience you’ll never forget.